The comprehensive equipment of our halls for laying hens is designed, installed and maintained by systems of the company OMAZ srl/via S. Sonnino, 49 – 5162012 Civitanova Marche (MC) – Italy, www.omaz.coml – a leading company in this field. It is one of the quality guarantees for our eggs.
Thanks to the sorting line of the company MOBA, our eggs are being weighted very precisely, cracked or dirty eggs are being mechanically insulated from the good ones and our eggs are also being marked by the farm where the production comes from and that is our GUARANTEE OF CONSISTENTLY HIGH QUALITY.

Производство на яйца   Производство на яйца   Производство на яйца

Our eggs:

The final product – the eggs we offer have excellent nutritional qualities, because of which there is a great demand for them from our partners. The results of the periodic tests and control of our eggs give us the self-confidence of a trustworthy egg producer.    яйцепроизводство

The welfare of our animals, the permanent sanitary and veterinary control and the calm no-stress environment for our breeding hens show that the measures we have taken so far are in the right direction and the prospects for expansion of our production are more than real.