"KOKITA" – production of hen’s eggs, Debelec has complex equipment of the production buildings designed, implemented and maintained with systems of the leader in this field - the Italian company OMAZ srl /via S. Sonnino, 49 – 51 62012 Civitanova Marche (MC) – Italy,
With the presence of a sorting line of the Dutch company SANOVO, we rely on flawless weighting of the eggs, automated grading the cracked and dirty eggs, stamps the farm of origin and is guarantee for the high quality of our products.


Feed mill:

Through our own feed mill, we produce and provide all types of ready-made compound feed for the company's birds. The produced feed is with full computer control and automation, thus providing our hens with healthy and proper nutrition, which is an essential condition for the production of quality eggs. The feed, produced by us, is of high quality thanks to the recipes and technology of the company BECCARIA.


Our eggs:

The final product – the eggs we offer have excellent nutritional qualities, because of which there is a great demand for them from our partners. The results of the periodic tests and control of our eggs give us the self-confidence of a trustworthy egg producer.   


The welfare of our animals, the permanent sanitary and veterinary control and the calm no-stress environment for our breeding hens show that the measures we have taken so far are in the right direction and the prospects for expansion of our production are more than real.